“Go to your room and think about what you’ve done.” – God to world, March 2020

So we did. And we thought.  

The conclusion?  We were spending way too much time in rooms, and far too little time pursuing those things that make us happy humans.  It was time to start packing up the kids, the dogs, the cooler and all our gear, hit the road, and create our own adventures.  All we needed was a cargo carrier that could haul all the different necessities for the things we like to do: camping, fishing, hunting, biking – and anything else that popped in our heads.  

One problem…

The market: “We have nothing to offer with that kind of versatility.” 

Us: “Inconceivable!”

So we dove right into R&D and did conceive the world’s first truly versatile cargo carrier system (patent pending), with a modular base and endless opportunities on top.  We locked the accountants in a cold, dark room, and then proceeded to design the strongest, lightest, best-looking, ready-for-anything carrier in the world.  

Our promise to you is to make a versatile product of the highest quality. We spend extra time to simplify our designs. Simplicity leads to versatility, versatility leads to freedom. We wake up every morning obsessed with bringing you the solution to hit the road, live free, and pursue your happiness.

The magnificent expanse of a great big, beautiful world is out there waiting for you.  And in this expanse, Mesa is the leader that stands distinctly above all the rest. 

There’s plenty of room on the top. 

Come join us.

The MESA Team