Versatility Sets You Free

A few thoughts as we get ready to launch our site:

It is the 4th of July and as we sit here by the pool, cooking hotdogs and having a few beers (as the founding fathers intended), we are thinking about the impending launch of our revolutionary new product and what it means.

The truth is we revel in the beauty of liberty and celebrate the audacity of those who signed their names to history’s most profound parchment. When TJ put his quill down in 1776, he could not have better described the mission that MESA intends to carry-out.  Just consider these quotes:

“When one is constrained by the abuses and usurpations of unwieldy and single-purpose carriers, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such constraints.”

“Our repeated petitions for a better product have been answered only by repeated injury in the form of heavier, uglier, useless creations.”

“We hold these truths of cargo management to be self-evident, that all cargo carriers SHOULD be endowed by their creator with certain unalienable traits, that among these are lightness, versatility and the means for ALL activities in the pursuit of happiness.”

Well said, TJ. 

That’s word for word.  You can look it up.

So in order to form a more perfect union of strength and light-weight versatility, we feel it is our job, nay our duty, to bring you a revolution in carrier design.

We are not heroes.  We are just answering the call of history.

Happy Independence Day!



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