3 Things to Consider when Buying a Cargo Carrier

So you’re on the hunt for a cargo carrier, huh?  Not enough room in the car these days?  New dog?  Vasectomy not quite 100% effective?  We get it, these things happen.  We are kind and giving people, and to help you out we’ve listed the 3 main considerations you should have when shopping for the right carrier for you.  You want to make sure you’re not staring at a never-used, over-sized garage ornament for the next decade or so.


So why are there a bunch of single purpose carriers on the market?  Well, it’s because Big Carrier is more interested in lining the pockets of their “overseas” investors than giving you one quality thing that will work for all types of activities.  What you really want to do is look for something that will change with your needs and provide a line of accessories for your favorite hobbies.  Variety is the spice of life.  It’s fun to try new things.  Etc.


If you’re gonna buy one of these things, you need to make sure it will carry everything you need.  This means all your gear and any children or spouses that are making the trip more difficult.  (We aren’t lawyers and don’t know the laws about carrying people on a cargo carrier, but we assume you’re not supposed to.)  Now, be mindful of your vehicle’s tongue weight limit. Generally, this will be 1/10th of your tow weight capacity.  But also take a good look at how the carrier is made.  Will it rust and weaken over time?  Does it have lots of parts screwed together that may wear out?  If you back it into a tree, can you fix it with the assistance of a good welder, or will you have to buy a new one?  Just make sure it’s strong enough and will last you a long time.

Light weight:

Raise your hand – who here has ever picked up a cargo carrier?  Yeah, they’re heavy.  Steel is great.  It’s strong.  But you wanna know what else is strong?  Aluminum.  If you have a carrier you can’t put on the car without a buddy, then you’re much less likely to use it.  Sure, the aluminum ones may cost a bit more, but if the carrier is light enough you’ll be more likely to throw it on the car when it can be useful. 

If you make the decision of which cargo carrier to buy based on a considered review of versatility, durability and light weight, you’re more likely to end up with one that is going to be a reliable road trip buddy for the rest of your life.  Can’t ask for better than that.
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